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Interior Decoration Styles

While a professional interior decorator will manage to give your house the much-needed pizazz, he will also manage to burn a not very needed hole in your wallet. Different styles of interior decoration can be understood by just anyone. All you need to do is use that locked up imagination and infuse your personal flavor. There are several interior designing ideas that you could use. Interior decoration can be studied and learned but if you have a slight knack for the creatives then it is a talent that can be nurtured to create a space in your house that you truly love. The following interior decoration styles would probably give you the much-needed push to dive headlong into the colorful world of interior decoration.

Art Deco Ambience

A style that peaked in its popularity in the 1920s and 30s, it is characterized by the minimalist colors and structures that it uses. Sleek, strong lines are a mainstay of this style of interior decorating. Wooden furniture that is used is generally lacquered in black. White, red, and black are the colors that are used the most but dove gray, dull purple, and pale blue are used as well. These colors are often accentuated by the use of steel, aluminum, chrome, glass, mirrors, and white marble. The flooring for this style of interior decorating is generally black or white marble. Lighting is integral with table lamps, wall sconces, and ceiling lights being used throughout the room.

Asian Aura

With cultures that are probably as old as the planet itself, it is no wonder that interior decoration inspired by Asia has become hugely popular. The Asian style of decoration is embodied by simple furnishings and uncluttered areas. If your life is all about balancing the positive and the negative, the yin and the yang, then Asian or oriental style would definitely appeal to you. Use feng shui to design the space in your home. It is an ancient Chinese art of decorating which uses the flow of energy to decide on the perfect arrangement for the house. You could use mats and rugs on the floor which forms an integral part of oriental culture. The furnishings should be made of black or brown wood. Bamboo is also a commonly used element.

Contemporary Chic

For a long time contemporary decor was considered to be a very cold style of decorating. It borrowed its foundation from the Art Deco style but designers added to it a dash of comfort. It was then that the popularity of this style soared. The style is defined by subtlety, simplicity, and geometric shapes. The colors that are associated with this style are black, white, and neutrals. The floor should ideally be either wooden or tiled. Contemporary architecture is such that the room will generally have high ceilings and open, huge windows. With such an architecture, it is important that you have a lot of bare space between the furnishings.

Country Charisma

Also known as the English country style, this interior designing style is all about comfort and functionality. It emphasizes on a balance with nature and is perfect for cottage type houses with gardens. Cottage style decorating works well in towns and villages rather than in cities. This style uses a lot of warm colors to impart an innate coziness to the house. Wallpapers with floral patterns can be an excellent addition to a house styled in the country style. Furniture used in country style decorating is generally heavy in wood work.

Mediterranean Magic

A combination of decorating styles from Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, and Northern Africa, the theme depends heavily on a combination of bright colors with white as the base color. The Mediterranean theme works best if you have a house that is ocean/sea-facing. White plastered walls and brick tiled floors along with simple yet complex wrought iron furnishings create an atmosphere that transports you to Greece or Italy. The rooms are lit with candles and traditional lighting. You could also use exotic plants as a part of the décor.

Victorian Vanity

The Victorian style of decorating is often associated with excess. Many interior decorators often define the style as one that has been developed from various different styles. So you will see a touch of the orient and a dash of the Mediterranean mixed with the elegance of the old British charm. Most rooms tend to be slightly masculine with the colors used including shades of browns and reds. Furnishings are decidedly comfortable and lush.

Retro Revisited

Is ‘Shiny Disco Balls’ your favorite song? Well then the retro style is probably a perfect fit for your personality. Retro is all about bold colors and funky furnishings. Go crazy with lava lamps, checkered flooring, and uniquely designed furniture. It is a mish-mash of several decades, primarily the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. If you want a more modern twist on retro decor, then opt to either have unique furniture or imbibe the pop colors that defined the period. Having both together can create a room that can be a little too loud. Try and tone down the furnishings by using white and black accents.

Stylish Stickers for Bedrooms

Wall Stickers – The Name Says It All

These stickers are like wallpaper which are applied on the walls. Their purpose is to give your room a new look. Because of its minimal cost and effort required, they are getting more and more popular with kids and adults. And why should it not be like that? It is easy to apply or remove than actual paint, and within few minutes, you can see your room transform into the one which you have always dreamed of. Just peel the stickers and put them on. The best part about this product is that you get the liberty to change the look of your room as you wish. You can also get these stickers for nursery, office, bathroom, kids’ rooms, and many other places.

The application procedure hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes. It does not require any expertise as they are simple and ready-to-use stickers; a perfect way to decorate your room indeed. You can choose from a variety of designs or you can run your imagination wild and design your own. There are also few other manufacturers that give you the freedom to customize a design.

Design Ideas to Consider

Depending on the room’s size, wall color(s), ambiance, and décor, pick a sticker design you favor the most. Remember, keeping the likes and opinions of the room’s resident is quite important.

What’s the Deal?

Mentioned below are a few aspects of these stickers which will help you understand their purpose much better.

  • Peel and Stick – It is so easy to use that even kids can help you with the task. All you have to do is peel the sticker and stick it on the desired wall.
  • Easy Removal – Along with easy application, the removal procedure is not that tough. While removing too, it leaves no marks whatsoever on your walls. Just use steam onto the sticker to loosen the adhesive, apply mineral oil to the edges where the sticker starts peeling off, and remove with your hands.
  • No Mess – Probably one of the most vital advantages; unlike painting, it does not require you to move your house stuff, nor does it require you to make rounds to the paint shop to choose your color.
  • Inexpensive – It is relatively a cost-effective method to keep your room alive. The versatility which they give is remarkable too. The designs looks realistic to the core, because of the finish and materials they come in.
  • Personalize Your Room – It gives you the power to give a personal touch to your room. You can choose from various designs, colors, shapes, and themes. It also gives you the ability to change the look of your room as and when you wish.
  • Mix and Match – Try using a variety of combinations for the designs for your rooms. Let your creativity pour into it. You can give your bedroom a feel of being surrounded by the bushes by choosing a design reflecting the same . Also you can choose a design giving you a feeling of being at a beach or near a waterfall and so on. It totally depends on how you want your room to look like. For the children’s room you can choose designs of various shapes, designs like flowers, animals, outer space, etc.
  • Safe Surfaces – If you h ave painted your walls recently, wait at least 2 to 3 weeks before apply the sticker. On the other hand, if you’re not going to paint the walls, wipe them down with a dry cloth so that the dust and debris is cleared before the sticker goes up.

Decorating a bedroom with such stickers is a fun, cost-effective, and genius way to transform its décor. You can get stickers for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom as you like. And the best part about it is that they are economical, simple, and safe. Ideal for dorm rooms and apartment dwellers, they give you the license to make your room looking like how you want it.

Designer Bathroom Mirrors

Designer bathroom mirrors are mostly available in round, oval, and rectangular shapes. The ability of a mirror to reflect both natural and artificial light makes a bathroom look more spacious. One of the main advantages of installing a mirror (especially a large one) in a bathroom is that it helps to brighten up the bathroom. These mirrors are called so because they portray a look that is different from ordinary mirrors. They are available in frame and frame-less styles. Such mirrors best suit simple bathrooms, as then they look more appealing. Before deciding on the type, consulting an interior decorator always helps. Once you have made a choice, you can add to the beauty of the mirror with chandeliers, crystal glassware, metal picture frames and candlesticks, etc. For the best deal, spend some time getting to know the different types and prices of the mirrors that would suit your bathroom decor, without affecting your budget.

Art Deco Bathroom Mirrors

Art deco is defined as a style of design that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. It is identifiable by its geometric designs and unconventional forms that are suitable for mass production. A variety of art deco bathroom mirrors are available for your bathroom so you will have a plethora of designs and styles to choose from.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are manufactured by sandblasting a mirrored glass. The glass is sandblasted on the back to take off the silvering of the glass. This silvering causes the light behind the glass to shine through the frosted glass. Illuminated mirrors are available with tungsten-halogen lamps and with fluorescent lamps also.

Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Most people prefer adding framed mirrors to their bathrooms. Frames give a sense of completeness and protection to the glass, and can be designed to blend with other items in the bathroom. Frames are available in both traditional and contemporary styles. These types are available in wrought iron frame mirrors, polished nickel or thin bronze frame mirrors. Hardwood frame mirrors and anodized aluminum framed mirror are also at your disposal.

Contemporary Bathroom Mirrors

Contemporary or modern bathroom mirrors are built with characteristics of the present times. They provide convenient and practical features. The frames of such mirrors are painted with plain color and they are simple in their design. Such types of mirrors usually have long-lasting durability.

Oval and Round Bathroom Mirrors

Oval and round bathroom mirrors are available in both frame and frame-less styles. Certain companies offer mirrors in polished chrome, brushed chrome, brushed nickel, etc. Some round and oval mirrors are wall-mountable, and can be placed at convenient heights of the bathroom wall. They are the most preferred ones, due to their ability to reflect and retract light in a better way than other mirrors. This is due to their smooth edges, unlike square or rectangular bathroom mirrors.

Large Bathroom Mirrors

Large bathroom mirror look good in homes with bathrooms which have enough room to spare. These mirrors are available from hand-crafted wooden mirrors to modern glass designs. Large bathroom mirrors also offer a spacious look to a smaller-sized bathroom. If you have two basins in your bathroom, then opting for a large bathroom mirror is more feasible than installing two separate mirrors.

Bathroom Magnifying Mirrors

These mirrors are a great buy for those with bad vision. For such people, using regular mirrors becomes frustrating at times. Magnifying mirrors are available in types such as magnifying lighted makeup mirrors, 10x magnifying mirrors, magnifying shaving mirrors, suction cup magnifying mirrors, magnifying wall mirrors, illuminated magnifying mirrors, etc.

Wood Bathroom Mirrors

Wood bathroom mirrors are available in certain types of woods such as mahogany, cherry, oak, walnut, pine, tulip, ash and maple. These mirrors, when coated with wood sealants, promise long-lasting durability. Wood bathroom mirrors are available in designs ranging from plain to elaborate. They have wood stains or metallic finish to enhance the bathroom’s look.

Standing Bathroom Mirrors

Standing bathroom mirrors offer a wide range of variety and designs. You can stand in front of the standing mirror and use a handheld mirror to see difficult-to-view areas of your body like your neck, upper back and shoulders. Getting dressed in front of them is much easier and more comfortable. American standard bathroom mirrors are also available in more than one design and type. The manufacturers are the best source of information of the features of these mirrors.

Unusual Bathroom Mirrors

Such mirrors have unique designs. For example, a modern bathroom mirror can be have a blue wave-like design on its glass. To add to this, a tulip-shaped light shade will make the mirror look different and unusual. Another creative example is of a mirror with a pink glass background. This background could have three clear glass shelves to the left and a white cut mirror on the right. Likewise, you can find a variety of such unusual but great-looking mirrors in the market.

Ideas for Ceramic Tile Showers

While bathroom remodeling, the most difficult task is choosing ceramic tiles for your shower, because you need to decide the color and pattern of the ceramic tiles and also the number of tiles you will require. Ceramic tiles, being non-porous and easy to clean, make one of the best shower tile options. With their wide range of appealing designs, they fulfill your need of color and pattern. You can choose simple designs, made up of two colors, or opt for a special pattern based on a particular theme or picture.

If you do not want a traditional ceramic pattern for your shower, you can install ceramic tile murals in your bathroom. Ceramic tile murals are custom tiles that are used for kitchen and bathroom backsplash. Ceramic tiles are hand painted by artists who are involved in the mural business. There are a number of designs that can be made from ceramic tile murals that include art themes, scenes, abstracts of animals, trees and many more. These tiles are durable and resistant to moisture, heat, etc.

Enhance the beauty of your bathroom by using simple colors and patterns. You can choose a simple pattern with a color combination of two or more colors. You can install chair rail pattern, border pattern or one of the many other ceramic tile ideas. For a chair rail shower idea, all you need is two different types of tiles with contrasting colors. A border shower idea is the best idea to give your bathroom a simple yet sophisticated look. Borders enhance the beauty of ceramic tiles.

Themes for the ceramic tile shower are a great option. You can give a traditional or customized look to your shower area with various themes. A theme can be anything that reflects your interests, be it in music, sports or other hobbies. Themes can include graceful designs that depict garden themes, lakes, traditional pictures, and many more. You can easily customize the ceramic tiles as per your interest.

Before you choose the ceramic tiles to embellish your bathroom, you must:

  • Research a little on the different types available. You can search on the Internet and get information on different shower tile ideas and the approximate cost.
  • Since ceramic tiles come in all shapes, decide how you can use them properly
  • Ceramic tiles have a broad array of colors. If your bathroom is small, choose light-colored tiles to make the bathroom look larger. If your bathroom is large you can try out various combinations of colors.
  • Consult an expert before you finalize your ceramic tile shower design.

Steps for Repair Stucco

Repairing stucco is not a difficult job, and it only requires some practice to do it perfectly. In order to practice, you can try repair work on boards that contain holes on it. Once you heal those cracks successfully, you can move further to do the actual job.

Material Required:

  • Portland cement
  • Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) boarding agents
  • Dampened rags
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Latex paint
  • Bitumen
  • Some garden hoses and attachments
  • Paint rollers
  • Primer
  • Hammer
  • Cold chisel
  • Caulk
  • Bucket
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Builder’s sand


  1. The first step in repairing exterior stucco is to completely soak the crack area with the help of a hose. By doing so, the stucco would not separate water from the new mortar and thus would prevent crumbling.
  2. The next step is to prepare the mortar by mixing some water to one part of Portland cement and about four parts of builder’s sand. Ensure that the mortar has become thick enough to be used for the work.
  3. Further, take the polyvinyl acetate bonding agent and cover the cracked area.
  4. The bond would remain a little sticky for some time, so apply the mortar to the crack at this time itself. This would fix the bond-and-mortar mix properly to the crack.
  5. Now, cover the cracked area with the help of bitumen-coated fiberglass. Further, the fiberglass needs to be fixed in its place. You can do this by pressing a paint roller over it.
  6. Apply bitumen to the crack area and let it dry. On drying the first coat, apply the second coat and spread it uniformly with the help of a soft-bristled brush so that the coat does not stand out as an odd spot on the wall
  7. Painting a stucco is not difficult. Use the primer to paint the patched area and let it dry. Apply another coat of primer and take care that the newly painted area should look a part of the rest of the wall.

Some Tips

  • If you ever find vertical cracks from the bottom of the wall to the window or from the roof of the wall to the door, have these cracks repaired from a professional. As such, cracks indicate a fault in the foundation of the wall.
  • Very tiny cracks that are less than ⅛ inch can be stuffed with a superior quality caulk. Prefer using a caulk that allows painting on it post application.
  • For painting a stucco, always prefer an acrylic-based paint which prevents moisture from accumulating in the paint.

Bullnose Corners

Bullnose corner is a common term used in the field of home improvement to indicate outward turned (convex) and inward turned (concave) pieces of tiles and trims. These type of designs are extensively used in households and various historical monuments. Bullnose corners have three basic uses–tiles, corners, and trims, and they are used for increasing the durability, safety, and artistic or aesthetic value of a selected section of the home decor. Sharp edges of walls or certain furniture articles can damage your body and clothing, as well as the texture of other home furnishing articles that come in contact with it. Since they are round and smooth, they are largely used in place of sharp edges of walls, countertops, tables, and the like.

Furniture that is made with the bullnose structure is readily available in the market–which means that installing it is not the only option. If you want to install the same on the walls or the furniture pieces by yourself then you need to have an idea of the varied types that are available. The types are determined on the basis of the angle in which they are cut. Some common ones that are available include–outside 90 degree, inside 90 degree, ¾ inch , ⅜ inch, ½ inch L trim, 135 degree ¾ inch, and ⅝ inch among others. They are available in the pre-cut form, and some of them don’t even require any masking during the installation procedure. Since they are made of drywall, they are durable, and can easily withstand peeling, cracking, and chipping that occurs with time.

There are a few techniques that are used for the installation. Some popular ones are: the dry fitting technique, spray adhesive technique, mud setting technique, and stapling technique. As the names suggest, all these techniques are quite easy to understand and practice as well. The tools used, vary according to the method of installation that you select. For instance, if you are going to apply dry fitting technique, then you will need corner beads and a pair of heavy duty scissors. If you are using the mud setting technique, then you will need corner beads, a taping knife, and a compound solution that sticks them together. If you are using the stapling technique, then you will need corner beads, a staple gun, and a spray adhesive. Among all these, the stapling technique is found to be the easiest and most durable.

These surface areas are made of subtle angles, and hence, when it comes to repainting them, it gets even more difficult.

Always get the entire wall painting done before you begin with this surface. Also, choose such color shades that are contrasting to the wall color; so that they can remain the focal point. This applies to the crown molding as well as the baseboard. Once you are done with it, then you can start gathering materials for painting it. Materials that you need include, house paint of the desired color shade, painter’s tape, rollers, paint brush, and a tarp. After gathering all these materials, apply painter’s tape above the area that you want to paint. The tape will prevent the color from spreading to the wall decor surface. As a part of precaution, lay down tarp on the floor below the painting area. Once you are done with these steps, you can start the painting process with the help of smaller hand brushes.

Tips to Design Your Small Living Room

People are always confused about how to design their small living rooms. They want their room to look elegant as well as spacious. This can be achieved through the following tips.

Color Schemes
The colors of the interiors of the house play a very important role in room decoration. People often avoid using dark colors in case of small spaces. However, one can go for contrasting colors for a small living room.
You can get one focal wall painted in a darker shade than the others, or play with colors and make a unique design on it while keeping the other walls lighter in color. Do not try to decorate every wall of your house, making it look like a circus or a colorful house from a fairy tale! You can also use your imagination and make the color scheme look more attractive and eye-catching.

You can give your living room a glamorous look by choosing a contrasting color scheme between the flooring and the walls. This will make your room look more exciting and full of life.
Your flooring will become a distinctive and unique feature of your room in contrast with your wall color scheme. But do keep in mind that if you want bright or colorful flooring, keep all the walls of same color.

Did you know that the right kind of lights can actually make your room look bigger? It is true that lighting in the right direction and the right way can make your room look more spacious especially if it is focused on the darker wall.
Use different light fixtures like a wall sconce which has a light-colored glass or a wall fixture which is focusing its light in the upward direction. Place lamp shades which complement the look and color scheme of the room. Placing a dull-colored lamp in the room that has a bright color scheme will spoil the look of the room. Try to use dramatic home lighting as it will make your room look brighter and expressive.

People have this misconception that placing smaller pieces of furniture in the room will make it look bigger, which is not always true. In fact, one should use large pieces of furniture in the room to make it look spacious rather that cramming several small pieces.
Try to use furniture that can also give you a storage facility so that you can put away unnecessary stuff, making your room look neater. Use furniture that is multipurpose like a couch bed or a coffee table, which can also be used as a dining table.
Sofas and chairs without arms will make the room look more roomy. You can also change the display of your furniture frequently, giving your room a different look.

Use pleasant and sophisticated decorative items. You can try decorating your room with pictures of yourself and your loved ones, the gifts you’ve received, or even shells you may have collected from the beach. This will give your room a warm and informal look.

Ideas for Attic

Attic is an often ignored area, utilized commonly for storage. This is the place where you dump the old furniture, useless appliances, and broken items in your house. Well, that might be definitely saving a lot of space in your living room, bedrooms, and kitchen area, right? But, have you ever thought about having an extra room in your house that might help you have more organized storage area, resting space, or even having a designated area for games, music, entertainment, or relaxation. Read the following paragraphs to get some amazing attic ideas.


Whatever is the way you reach the attic at the moment, consider having a better and comfortable way to climb up. If you are short of floor space, one of the ideas is to have foldable stairs that will fold sideways. Another idea is to install those that will fold up at the ceiling. If you are planning to have a master bedroom or game room, it is best to have fixed stairs of good quality installed to reach comfortably up to the attic.


The first thing you need to consider while you plan to create a usable space is ventilation. Having perfect ventilation can also add up to the attic decor. There are some amazing ways of adding windows to this area. Two things you need to consider are natural light and air. As this place is at a higher level, you have the advantage of getting these elements easily, provided that you make the right arrangements to bring them in. Attics often have sloping roofs, making it difficult to plan side windows. If the roof is meeting the floor or just above it, consider having the classy dormers, which are extended windows. If the roof ends four or five feet above the floor, you can have small glass windows in this wall. One of the most amazing ideas is to have skylights. These will lighten up the room and give a striking touch to this dull area. Place your bed below this and give a lavish feel to the room.


Utilizing the attic area for storage is something that you cannot miss out. But, those uneven walls and corners are tricky to work upon. You can have closed cabinets to use such spaces. One of the ideas is to have horizontal shelves and doors to cover them; forget about the backside of these cabinets as there is already a wall behind them. This way, you also save up some money, and it becomes easier to work on uneven surfaces. Make sure that the storage is not too wide. These rooms do not have much height and so, the cabinets might sometimes leave less space below for someone to stand there. In this case, place some low stools or chairs there. You can also plan to have a low study table here, with some drawers for added storage.

More Ideas

Once you have worked on the basics, it’s time to decorate the wonderful attic space. Firstly, consider having blinds for the windows. For skylights, you can have many options of shades that can be closed to block the light, and opened to have the perfect night view or natural light. Next, install interior lighting as well to illuminate it nicely; use decorative lamps and chandelier lighting for this purpose. Placing tall and narrow sculptures is a great idea to add height to the area. Paint the walls in white, off-white, or beige to create a spacious look.

Having a comfy bed in case you are converting the attic into a bedroom needs no mention. The previously mentioned storage can be used to store the necessary items. If you are converting this room into a place for entertainment, consider having the needed things such as musical instruments for music room or games, and needed furniture for the game room. Making it a relaxing area is a brilliant idea. Have a lovely recliner, candles, and perfume bottles placed here. Also, having a large bathtub or a mini pool with right drainage systems installed here is a good option. Well, this essentially needs to be done by a reputed professional. Have the necessary towels, toiletries, bath salts, fragrances, and essential oils near the tub or pool. Attics can indeed work as the best relaxation areas due to their cozy feel. You can add up shower stalls and basin, as well.

How to Choose a Color Scheme for Living Rooms

Color is the most effective way of creating a mood for any room. While choosing a color scheme for the living room as part of your interior painting, it is important to choose one which is stylish but practical. For example, if you select white for your living room, then you cannot expect it to be easy to maintain (especially if you have children!) To pick out a color theme, there are three options:

• Use one color, but varying shades of that color throughout the room.
• Use two or more colors that are similar to each other, or complement each other, to give a tranquil and warm feeling to the room.
• Use two contrasting colors. This kind of a look makes the room vibrant and alive.

Once you have selected the kind of color scheme you want, it will be easier to choose the appropriate color combination. Besides just choosing colors that you like, you can also try and understand the psychology of colors for creating a warm and inviting feeling.

Intimate and Warm Red
One of the most popular colors for living room design ideas is red. It gives a feeling of intimacy and warmth. It is best if you use red for one wall, as using it everywhere can make the room look over the top. For the other walls of the room, go for lighter shades like cream or beige.

Bright and Cheerful Orange
Like red, orange is a very bright color which makes a person feel right at home. Using shades of orange in the color theme brightens up the room, making one feel welcomed. If you are going for this color, then your furniture and accessories should be of neutral colors. Another option of living room color designs is using orange color only in accessories, and using black or white for the walls.

Elegant and Tranquil Blue
Blue is a tranquil color which brings elegance into your home. Light shades of blue are best for smaller living rooms, as they make them appear larger. You can play around with various shades of blue, like pastel blue, azure, turquoise, navy etc. Turquoise looks great with contemporary living room furniture, though it might not be the best choice for a traditional decor.

Fresh and Airy Green
Bright green is used very often in color schemes for living room these days. It is easy to play around with, and looks great when paired with neutrals and deep browns. Again, it’s best if you use green only in accents, and not for everything in the room! You can use different shades of green, like mint, olive, and exotic jade for a feel of fresh and airy spring time themes.

Pure and Classy White
If you want your living room to ooze of class and sophistication, then using white and gray in your home decor is a great choice. But this does not mean that you have to use only these shades throughout. Play around with shades like blue and warm gold tones in the upholstery, table cloths, accessories etc. But remember that white is not the best choice for maintenance!

Front Door

Front Doors: Options in Materials

Many people opt for wooden front doors for homes. These look extremely classy and these give an elegant touch to the decor. Wooden doors offer a number of options in terms of designs, colors and finishes. What’s more, a wooden door blends well with any type of wall and door frame design.

For a rich look opt for glass doors. A glass door graced with a wooden frame is something that looks class apart. Add frosted glass and the doors are sure to look eye-catching. Glass doors are available in various styles and types. While you consider various options in front doors for homes, you will also come across fiberglass, which is gaining a huge popularity these days. Fiberglass doors look great when used with wooden frames.

If security and durability are the things you are looking for, in the front doors, ‘steel’ is the answer. Using steel front doors for homes is a smart choice, as these are far stronger than wood or fiberglass. These won’t crack or come apart. If you are confused about the idea of having steel doors, then you can opt for the high-end steel doors that come with real-wood veneer laminated on the surface, which gives them a wonderful look along with the required strength factor.

While you finalize the material, it is essential to decide the type of door that you will be opting for. Think over the different types and your necessities while choosing the front door and then pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Types of Front Doors

Single Acting Doors
This is the most common type of door, which is hinged on one side and opens in one direction. Single acting doors are definitely a good choice when you have ample space to swing them in and keep open. You can also consider the double-acting doors, that open in both the directions, inside as well as outside. Though commonly used as interior doors due to the convenience of opening them both ways, they can also be used as front doors.

Bifold Doors
These are commonly used for homes having a wide opening for the front door. These doors have two panels, each of which can fold in the middle and open on one side. You can also have a bifold door in single panel if the opening has regular width.

Sliding Doors
Glass sliding doors are a hot favorite of many due to the elegant look they impart to the home decor. You can opt for plain, designer or frosted glass for doors and add a powder coated aluminum or wooden frame to it. Pocket doors offer a better option in this, due to the way they slide between the walls, hence, not blocking the half entryway. Remember that these are best installed at the time of construction, because later remodeling a regular door in this style can be a difficult task.

Finishing Tips for Front Doors

Designing front doors commonly depends upon individual choice and rest of the home decor. So you can opt for simple or fancy designs. Designer panels look classy in wooden or glass front doors. Fancy inlays and artwork can also be a part of the wooden doors. As mentioned earlier, wood and glass combo is a great option which looks lavish. There are many design patterns that you can have in wooden front doors. Combining wood and wrought iron is also a good door decoration idea that can make a beautiful looking front door. Thin bars and curvy designs can be added to the door with wrought iron. Frosted glass can also be a part of such door designs.

While you choose the door color, make sure that it matches well with the windows and exterior walls. Well, it’s best to first have your door ready and then decide on wall paint colors. Black, navy blue and white are the smartest options. Of course the cherry colored wooden door is something that looks simply awesome. Think twice before finalizing the colors. While deciding on front doors for homes, prices of the materials make a big difference. So, consider your budget and look what fits best in it, for your house.