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Front Door

Front Doors: Options in Materials

Many people opt for wooden front doors for homes. These look extremely classy and these give an elegant touch to the decor. Wooden doors offer a number of options in terms of designs, colors and finishes. What’s more, a wooden door blends well with any type of wall and door frame design.

For a rich look opt for glass doors. A glass door graced with a wooden frame is something that looks class apart. Add frosted glass and the doors are sure to look eye-catching. Glass doors are available in various styles and types. While you consider various options in front doors for homes, you will also come across fiberglass, which is gaining a huge popularity these days. Fiberglass doors look great when used with wooden frames.

If security and durability are the things you are looking for, in the front doors, ‘steel’ is the answer. Using steel front doors for homes is a smart choice, as these are far stronger than wood or fiberglass. These won’t crack or come apart. If you are confused about the idea of having steel doors, then you can opt for the high-end steel doors that come with real-wood veneer laminated on the surface, which gives them a wonderful look along with the required strength factor.

While you finalize the material, it is essential to decide the type of door that you will be opting for. Think over the different types and your necessities while choosing the front door and then pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Types of Front Doors

Single Acting Doors
This is the most common type of door, which is hinged on one side and opens in one direction. Single acting doors are definitely a good choice when you have ample space to swing them in and keep open. You can also consider the double-acting doors, that open in both the directions, inside as well as outside. Though commonly used as interior doors due to the convenience of opening them both ways, they can also be used as front doors.

Bifold Doors
These are commonly used for homes having a wide opening for the front door. These doors have two panels, each of which can fold in the middle and open on one side. You can also have a bifold door in single panel if the opening has regular width.

Sliding Doors
Glass sliding doors are a hot favorite of many due to the elegant look they impart to the home decor. You can opt for plain, designer or frosted glass for doors and add a powder coated aluminum or wooden frame to it. Pocket doors offer a better option in this, due to the way they slide between the walls, hence, not blocking the half entryway. Remember that these are best installed at the time of construction, because later remodeling a regular door in this style can be a difficult task.

Finishing Tips for Front Doors

Designing front doors commonly depends upon individual choice and rest of the home decor. So you can opt for simple or fancy designs. Designer panels look classy in wooden or glass front doors. Fancy inlays and artwork can also be a part of the wooden doors. As mentioned earlier, wood and glass combo is a great option which looks lavish. There are many design patterns that you can have in wooden front doors. Combining wood and wrought iron is also a good door decoration idea that can make a beautiful looking front door. Thin bars and curvy designs can be added to the door with wrought iron. Frosted glass can also be a part of such door designs.

While you choose the door color, make sure that it matches well with the windows and exterior walls. Well, it’s best to first have your door ready and then decide on wall paint colors. Black, navy blue and white are the smartest options. Of course the cherry colored wooden door is something that looks simply awesome. Think twice before finalizing the colors. While deciding on front doors for homes, prices of the materials make a big difference. So, consider your budget and look what fits best in it, for your house.